timeless image tattoo
This is the official website for Timeless Image Tattoo. We are located at 283 N University Ave in Provo, Utah. We are open Monday - Sunday from 10am-12:00am. We are in the former building of Painted Temple Tattoo in Provo, Utah. Owner of Convicted Ink in Orem, Utah and Timeless Image, Aaron Hatch has been longtime friends with Painted Temple owner Oak Adams. When Oak and Daniel Walker decided to open a studio up North, Aaron took the opportunity to expand and turn what was Painted Temple into Timeless Image Tattoo. Aaron also decided to keep the art gallery up and running. We will continue to have a new artist every month in the gallery. Shannon Hatch is the piercer, who is on appointment only. We do both custom and flash and can cater to all of your tattooing and piercing needs. All artists have portfolios here on the website, as well as, at the shop. We recommend that you take a look at each of them and pick the artist that best suits your needs and taste of artwork. All of our tattoo artists have large, individual rooms. We also have a large, individual piercing room for your privacy. We take appointments as well as walk-ins. If you have questions or would like to set up an appointment, give us a call at 801.356.8282. We would love to help you create a design for your new tattoo or give you that piercing you've always wanted!